What is Fiverr? Best Selling Fiverr Gigs to Make Money in 2019

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace where peoples meet to sell and buy these services.It is one of the most famous freelancing website where people can make money online by providing gigs.It is also a good place for peoples who want to outsource their work or want to hire people to complete a work.There are lots of freelancing site similar to Fiverr such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and People Per Hour, etc.However, Fiverr is one of the most used freelance website the best thing about this site is you can start selling your services easily which starting from just $5.

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How to Signup Fiverr?

There is not any rocket science into signup with Fiverr.You can do this the same way we signup with another website.You only have to provide some details like Name, Email, Phone and etc.It’s very easy to signup and starts making money today by publishing your gig.The great thing is you don’t have to pay charges to signup.

Click Here to Signup with Fiverr.

Advantages of Working on Fiverr.

1: It is very easy to start and work as a freelancer, you don’t require any past experience to work.2: You can start offering your gig with just a minimum $5 dollar.3: You can provide simple and micro-services that don’t require any team and hard work.4: Fiver is much easy and user-friendly.5: At Fiverr you don’t have to beg to work that means you don’t need to text any customer to buy your services rather you just have to put a gig the customer will contact you according to their requirement.6: You can withdraw your earnings through different payment options like Paypal and direct bank transfer.

List of Top 18 High Demand Gigs to Make Money On Fiverr in 2019

1: Digital Marketing

There are lots of peoples of fiverr how looking for digital marketing services their business and ready to invest hundreds of dollars.If you have digital marketing skills such as Website Building, SEO, SEM, Ads Campaign, Social media marketing and email marketing etc.Then you can offer these services on fiverr o work as a freelancer for firms.

2: Website Testing

There are most of the peoples start a website for the first time and don’t know is their website or blog working well.So they pay peoples for a testing website like navigation and on-page SEO.If you little knowledge about website then you can offer this gig of fiverr.You don’t need to be an expert in this you only need to share your experience with their website after testing it.

3: Infographic

Uses of infographic have increasing these days.Most of the bloggers and website owners find infographic designer.If you know how to make an infographic then it’s can be one of the best ways to money from Fiverr.You can use tools like Canva and Picmonkey both are the best tools for design an infographic.

4: Pinterest Pin Creation

Nowadays bloggers and business owners targeting Pinterest traffic.It’s is the second most valuable traffic after search engine that converts leads into sales.So peoples pay designers to make Pinterest images for their blog or profile.If you know the basics about how to create Pinterest pins then you have a chance to earn money by offering this gig on Fiverr.

5: Social Media Page Setup

As you know social media is the new rich of business. Which help businesses to grow and make more sells.That’s why business owners creating pages on social site to grow their earning.If you know how to create and setup social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.So you can offer this service to the businesses to earn money from it.

6: Website Setup

Nowadays almost every business has creating a website to make an online presence.And looking for peoples who create a blog or website for them.If you know how to set up a site at least on WordPress which is the most used platform still now.Then you can sell this gig on Fiverr.It is a little technical service that why most of the people ready to pay a good amount of money for this.I have also made money on Fiverr by offering this gig.You can charge between $20 to $100 depends on your services.
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7: Social Media Manager

Apart From setup a social account peoples also hire social media manager of Fiverr.Mkat of business over online targeting social media to market their business.
If you know how to manage, grow and market a social media account.You need to Post Content, Replay Massage, Run Ads Campaign, Grow Followers, Increase Sells and etc.

8: Blog Post Writing

This is one of the most famous gigs on Fiverr.There are hundreds of blogger and marketer hire content writers for their blog.If you know how to write a blog post then you can become a content writer on Fiverr.You don’t need to be an expert for writing a blog post.You can charge money on the base of content-length and research.Normally peoples looking create contents from 600 to 2000 words.I am also writing blog posts for others on Fiverr and charge between $20 to $100 depends on the content.
9: Domain ResearchIf you have knowledge about the domain and website then you can offer domain research gig on Fiverr.Which allows you to make money for suggestion domain names for businesses.Most of the peoples confused with the domain name of their business so they pay peoples to suggest SEO friendly domain names for their website.It is very easy to make money on Fiverr.
10: Ads CampaignDo you know how to set up the ads campaign for businesses which generate sales in the business.If yes, then you can offer services on Fiverr like Google Adword ads and Facebook ads campaign that helps business to make more leads.Nowadays small business owners hire individuals over a digital marketing agency which save money.
11: Product Description writingIf you know how to write a description of any product for e-commerce site like Amazon.Then you can earn handsome earning from Fiverr by selling this gig.If you don’t know how to write then go to the Amazon and look at the description of any product how they wrote.You can charge between $5 to $50 for each product description writing.

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12: Logo DesignMost of the small and big business owners have used Fiverr to get a beautiful and attractive logo design for their business and product.If you have graphic designing skill then fiverr is one of the best ways to make money by designing logos.It is one of the most selling gigs on Fiverr and peoples ready to pay between $5 to $100 for each logo design.
13: Visual AssistantThis is one of the best ways to work for someone from anywhere in the world.And the demand for such type of work is getting high.You can become a visual assistant on Fiverr for some and do works like Data entry, Creating Emails, Research and Manage things etc.
14: Design Books CoverIf you have graphics skills and know how to design beautiful book covers.Then you can sell this service on Fiverr.As you know nowadays ebooks are so popular so peoples are hire designer for a book cover.
15: Photo EditingIf you know how to use photoshop and other photo editing tools then you can offer photo editing services on Fiverr.You just need to Remove image background, Retouch, Edit and etc.You can also use online image editing tools which help you to make more beautiful photos.
16: Video EditingNowadays video content is way effective than the text content that’s why uses of Facebook have been growing rapidly.Most of video content creators hire peoples for edit video.You know how to edit an effective video then Fiverr is the right place to find a client.
17: Diet PlanAs you know peoples are so health the consensus today’s date and want health tips from the knowledgeable person.If you have health and nutrition knowledge then provide a diet and workout plan on Fiverr to make money.
18: Business Card CreationAlmost every business has created a business card. If you know how to design a business card then this will help you to earn money from by selling this gig on Fiverr.You can use tools like Photoshop, Canva And Picmonkey etc.
ConclusionI have listed some best gigs that perform well on Fiverr to earn money from them.There are a lot of more good gigs that also, help you to make money.If you have knowledge, skill and passionate about something else this could also work for you.Note that in the very first start your services with the minimum price. Once you get the good rating then it will help you to make more money by increasing the price of your gigs.