Best for Professionals Seeking Refresher Courses 360training

360training is an online training platform with courses geared toward real estate professionals, like office managers or broker assistants, who want to brush up on specific real estate concepts before taking their state licensing exam. Single-topic classes are $79 per course. Given this focus, 360training is best for potential agents with industry experience who need help with only a few specific subjects or concepts before taking their exam.

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360training Pricing

360training pricing is affordable at $79 if you only need a single, subject-specific prep course. If you need a full pre-licensure class, the cost is dependent on your state and costs $110 in Florida, $175 in California, and $495 in Texas. Full pre-licensure classes do not include topic-specific pre-exam prep.

360training Features

360training offers hundreds of courses online that cover topics from human resources to finance. Because of the course specificity, 360training can be used for exam prep or continuing education, but they have no designated continuing education classes. If you are seeking comprehensive exam prep or career-building guidance, Kaplan, The CE Shop, and Real Estate Express are better choices because their curriculums are targeted toward new real estate agents without industry experience.

What 360training Offers

Like Center for Realtor Development, Real Estate Express, and The CE Shop, courses are listed by state and cover subjects like taxes, fair housing, and brokerage administration. Like OnCourse Learning and Kaplan, 360training provides a real estate course for home appraisals and house inspections. The benefit is that you can take just one subject-specific course to help you brush up on a key topic.

Career Resources

360training focuses on subject-specific courses. For this reason, it is the least able of all of the schools on this list to offer support to students after they become realtors.

For potential realtors who want to segue into after-exam networking and career support, Center for Realtor Development is the best option because its connection to the NAR means newly licensed agents can easily contact members all over the country. If you are only seeking career support through online materials, then OnCourse Learning, Real Estate Express, and Kaplan are the best choices.

What Makes 360training Unique

360training is the only online real estate school that separates exam prep from pre-licensing classes. By offering single, subject-specific courses for $79, real estate professionals can brush up on the subjects they don’t know well without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a full exam prep program.

What 360training Is Missing is missing a user-friendly online experience. Users who reported issues with the online platform consistently noted that it was burdensome to move between modules and slightly clunky for an online real estate school.

What Users Think About 360training

Most users reported a great overall learning experience with the 360training real estate course online material. A few users noted that there were some glitches in the interface that need to be addressed, as they make the online learning experience less effective.

Where to Find 360training

Visit 360training to learn more about discounts and the specialty real estate course offerings that can help you prep for your realtor exam. Click below to learn more.