Best Keetsa Mattress 2019

Keetsa is a San Francisco based brand of super affordable hybrid mattresses, made popular on Amazon and the Internet, though recently they have opened showrooms across the US. Their mattresses are made in the same facility that Zinus uses and feature interesting materials such as plant oil blend memory foam and biofoams. Most folks find them comfortable.

Keetsa‘s Specifics

Quality of Materials

Keetsa’s foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they don’t offgas any nasty toxins. Some of their foams are infused with a small percent of plant oils. This makes them more eco-friendly, but not the ‘greenest’ option on the market since they still use polyurethane foams in their mattresses. Overall, there are a few complaints about durability and odor, but for the low price of most of their mattresses, this is to be expected. The Keetsa Pillow Plus is the most popular and we’ll go through its layers in depth and how it compares to the other Keetsa mattresses. Here’s what’s inside:

Layer 1: Below the cotton cover and a fiber padding pillow is 1” of BioFoam™, which has a portion of the polyurethane replaced by plant oils.

Layer 2: 2 layers (1.5” and .5”) of comfort foam, which is firmer than the first layer and relieves pressure points.

Layer 3: .5” of high density foam to provide support above 7.5” of iCoil™ pocketed coils.

Overall Comfort

Most sleepers report feeling comfortable on Keetsa’s mattresses. Some reported a lingering odor from the foam and others reported some durability issues that occured after a few months. Overall, however, these were few and far between for the pricepoint.


See the scale above. You’ll see how Keetsa’s mattresses stack up against each other in firmness. Choose the one that fits your preference and your body type.


Keetsa’s mattresses are designed to cool on the top layer, but some who sleep extremely warmly may experience some heat retention.

Who Is It Good For?

For those people that want to limit their eco-impact, but don’t like the way that latex feels or have a latex allergy, Keetsa’s mattresses are a great compromise at an affordable price.